United Framing

 About Us

We are framing and exterior finish specialists, with the leadership, staff, and equipment to meet your project’s needs.

Our current field leadership consists of multiple foremen/project supervisors that oversee a large staff of carpenters. We are capable of operating crews in multiple projects simultaneously, or staffing a single project with up to 20 carpenters.

We provide our services on both large and small-scale projects, including additions, custom & speculation homes, and large multi-story commercial/residential structures.


Company History

In the summer of 2006, a young second-generation general contractor named Jason (“Jay”) Lajeunesse founded a small start-up, called JDL Building & Remodeling, in Southern New Hampshire.

By doing quality work, being refreshingly communicative with clients, and keeping his promises, Jason’s start-up soon developed a successful following. Clients began hiring JDL to provide in-house carpentry (framing, roofing, siding, finish work) as well as comprehensive general contracting services for their design-build projects.

In 2009, JDL was awarded its first large commercial contract as a framing sub-contractor. During negotiations, we were asked if we provided in-house framing services. This client request resonated as an “a-ha moment” for Jason. Immediately, he saw the marketplace need for adding a dedicated wood-framing service division to his building start-up. Within months, United Framing was born.

Company Timeline

2008 - JDL Building & Remodeling is awarded its first substantial commercial framing subcontract at RiverWoods Retirement Community in Exeter, NH

2009 - JDL’s owner Jason Lajeunesse launches a service division called “United Framing,” specializing in framing, siding, and roofing of custom & speculation homes

2009 - United Framing grows to 10-plus employees

2012 - United Framing relocates to Greenland, NH

2013 - United Framing donates its services for its first accessibility project, “The Bowie House.” Some UF staff also donate their time to the project.

2014 - United Framing donates its services for its second accessibility project, “The Barn Project.” Some UF staff also donate their time to the project.

2015 – United Framing expands employee benefits to include employer-supplemented health insurance and a company-sponsored IRA Retirement Plan


  • Framing (including stick-framing, panelized, and truss systems)
  • Roofing (asphalt, cedar, metal)
  • Siding (vinyl, clapboard, shingle, fiber cement)
  • Decking/railings - all types
  • Exterior finishes & custom exterior work
  • Window & door installation

Reputation and Quality of Services

  • Expert pre-planning
  • Detailed, regular communication with client
  • Meticulous dimensional accuracy during framing
  • Advanced “green” framing techniques
  • Experience utilizing advanced material systems for insulation, air sealing, and structural requirements
  • All installations to manufacturers’ specifications
  • Top-quality craftsmanship in all phases
  • Clean job sites with safe, easy access

Why Choose Us?

Ethics and Social Responsibility

We are legal- United Framing is a reputable, established Limited Liability Corporation with an “Employed” full-time staff carrying General Liability, Workers Compensation, and Commercial Automobile insurance coverage.

We are employers - United Framing provides career opportunities for talented and driven carpenters. Our employees have paid holidays, paid vacation, company-sponsored retirement plans, and health insurance that is 50% employer-paid. 

We serve others - United Framing’s leadership and staff donate their time and skill charitably, to be part of unique and life-changing home-improvement projects in our communities.


General Equipment

We use the latest tools and equipment that allow us to perform our services efficiently and safely. We are equipped with generators, compressors, and the assortment of tools needed to provide our services for up to 6 crews and 20+ carpenters.

We utilize specialty OSHA compliant equipment to perform our work from areas that pose risk to falls including; Pipe Staging, Scaffolding Planks, Harnesses, Pump staging with Safety nets, and Wall Bracket with Guard Rails


Heavy Equipment

We own, operate, and maintain the following:

  • (3) All-terrain LULL forklifts with 42' of reach.
  • (3) 10x4 Aerial man basket attaches to forks to provide OSHA-approved elevated work platform.
  • (1) 16’ truss jib to set beams and hoist trusses.
  • (1) 3 yard material bucket that attach to the forklifts.



We have five enclosed work trailers, and three company work trucks used to safely store our tools and equipment on job sites.



We carry the following liability insurances:

  • General liability $1M/$2M
  • Liability umbrella $2M
  • Commercial automobile $1M
  • Workers’ compensation



We are a bondable organization. We currently have obtained bonding in the amounts of $500,000 per project with a $2M total aggregate.


Safety Compliance & Certifications

We maintain an OSHA-compliant safety program and work in field to these standards.

We are experienced working in hard-hat environments.

Several United Framing employees hold the following certifications:

  • All-terrain forklift certification
  • Powder-activated fastener certification
  • OSHA 10 Certification


Construction Plan Reviews

United Framing is skilled in working closely with architectural firms and clients, as follows:

  • Analyzing building plans and specifications
  • Submitting Request for Information
  • Implementing Architectural Supplemental Information in the field during construction
  • Building structures utilizing materials that will meet project specifications/addenda.

On all projects, we carefully review building plans—both in pre-construction and during build-out—to identify errors and omissions. We suggest and implement changes as needed for structures to meet building code, and to accommodate other trades.


Our Work

United Framing is the sister company
of JDL Building & Remodeling of New England

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